Unboxed Designs

Project Name   Brayton, Traverse City

Location   Michigan, USA

Area  144 Acres

About the project  Welcome to Unboxed Designs, where imagination meets innovation. We don't just design homes; we craft unique living experiences. Nestled in the scenic beauty of Traverse City, near the enchanting Lake Michigan, our team of visionary designers is dedicated to transforming your space into a masterpiece.

Discover Our Model Homes:

R1 - Type 1 (1558 sq.ft.): Experience the charm of efficient design in our R1 model. Compact yet spacious, it's perfect for those seeking cozy elegance.

R2 - Type 2 (1904 sq.ft.): Indulge in the expansive luxury of our R2 model. This spacious layout offers ample room for your dreams to unfold.

R3 - Type 3 (1800 sq.ft.): Embrace the harmony of style and substance in our R3 model. A balanced design for balanced living.

R4 - Type 4 (2100 sq.ft.): Elevate your lifestyle with the sophistication of our R4 model. A blend of space and grace.

Why Unboxed Designs?

Tailored Brilliance: Your dreams are our canvas. We create personalized designs that reflect your style, turning your vision into reality.

Sustainable Elegance: We're committed to eco-friendly design, ensuring your home is both stunning and environmentally responsible.

Every Detail Matters: From the layout to the finishing touches, we obsess over the details to bring your dream space to life.

Join us on a journey of design excellence in Traverse City. Let's reimagine your space together! Welcome to Unboxed Designs – Where Design Meets Life.