Unboxed Designs

Project Name   Jaypee Vasant Continental Hotel – Meeting rooms & Banquet halls

Location   Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Area  3500 sq.ft.

About the project   Welcome to our latest interior design project, a transformational endeavor aimed at revamping the banquet halls and meeting rooms of the iconic Vasant Continental Hotel, managed by Jaypee Hotels Limited. This project holds a special place in our hearts, not only due to our long-standing connection with this cherished hotel but also because of the immense pride we take in being a part of the esteemed Jaypee Parivar.

Project Overview: The Vasant Continental Hotel, nestled in the heart of New Delhi, has been a landmark destination for luxury and hospitality for decades. Its banquet halls and meeting rooms have witnessed countless celebrations, gatherings, and important events. Our mission was to breathe new life into these spaces, elevating them to meet the evolving expectations of discerning guests while preserving the hotel's rich heritage

Our Inspiration:   75Our inspiration for this project drew from the timeless elegance and modern sophistication that define Vasant Continental. We aimed to create a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, infusing each space with a unique character that reflects the Jaypee Parivar's commitment to excellence.

Design Elements:

Elegant Aesthetics:
We embraced a contemporary yet classic design approach that exudes refinement and style. Rich color palettes, plush furnishings, and tasteful decor elements have been carefully chosen to create a sense of opulence.

Functional Versatility:
The banquet halls and meeting rooms have been reconfigured to provide maximum flexibility, catering to a wide range of events, from grand weddings to corporate meetings. Versatile layouts, advanced AV equipment, and modular furniture ensure adaptability for any occasion.

Local Artistry:
We celebrated India's diverse cultural heritage by incorporating local art and craftsmanship into the design. Custom-made artworks, handcrafted furniture, and intricate details pay homage to the country's artistic traditions.

Committed to environmental responsibility, we integrated sustainable materials and energy-efficient solutions into our design. We aimed to not only enhance the guest experience but also reduce the hotel's carbon footprint.