Unboxed Designs

Nitish Verma

Co-Founder & Creative Director

In 2010, Nitish launched his interior design business in Delhi, before moving to Gurgaon in 2019. For more than 8 years, he has established a diverse portfolio across high-end residential homes and commercial projects.

Honesty, empathy, and trust underpin Nitish’s success in this industry. He has regularly worked with repeat clients across different projects, which is a testament to his talent and connection with people. The client’s vision is at the heart of every decision – he challenges uniformity, explores innovation, and is driven by compelling, well-considered design.
Taking an informed approach, he seeks out how a client wants to live, work, and celebrate within a space. He believes every piece of furniture, color, fabric, artwork, and lighting should be authentic and portray a sense of purpose to a room, client, and the wider project.