Unboxed Designs

Project Name  Sahara Grace Apartment

Location  Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Area  3700 sq. ft.

About the project  Step inside our latest masterpiece - a meticulously crafted sample apartment that exemplifies the very essence of our design philosophy. At Unboxed Designs, we believe in showcasing the limitless possibilities of interior design, and this project is the embodiment of that vision.

Our primary goal with this sample apartment was to demonstrate the art of maximizing every inch of available space. We've taken a conventional space and transformed it into an extraordinary living experience.

A standout feature of this project is the innovative use of a floating bed. By cleverly integrating a wardrobe into the back of the bed, we've eliminated the need for a separate walk-in closet, ensuring that no space is wasted. This fusion of practicality and style is at the core of our design ethos.